28/08/2017 - Enzymes for industrial applications

Audrey Robic, Christophe Ullmann, Pascal Auffray, Cécile Persillon and Juliette Martin are the authors of the publication « Enzymes for industrial applications » published in the file « Lipids of the future – focus on lipases » of the review OCL (Oilseeds & Fats Crops and Lipids).

Abstract: Protéus is a biotechnology company specializing in the discovery, engineering and production of enzymes for industrial applications, as well as in the development of innovative bioprocesses involving these enzymes. Protéus is a subsidiary of the PCAS Group, actor in fine chemicals and specialty products and producer of high-value complex molecules. Enzymes allow considering unique functionalizations that are difficult to achieve by conventional chemical means. Examples involving the screening of our ready to use toolbox of lipases, the engineering of the well-known lipase CalB and the specific modifications of lipids will be presented.
Document :
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