• Molecular Directed Evolution

    For Creating High-Performance Enzymes & Strains

  • Screening for Strains & Enzymes

    Dedicated Platform for Accelerated Proof-of-Concept

  • Mining from Natural Biodiversity

    Enzymes & Strains For Demanding Application

Fast Track to Proof-Of-Concept

Our multidisciplinary biotechnology platform includes a wide collection of microbial biodiversity, proprietary protein engineering technologies, high throughput screening capabilities and analytical suites packed with GC, GC-MS, ionic chromatography and HPLC.

“Our microorganisms can be best described as cell factories capable of producing a broad variety of complex molecules starting from renewable feedstock. These bugs thrive under industrial conditions, nothing seems to displease them.“

Natural Biodiversity

We preserve and nurture a treasure: a wide and unique collection of Bacteria, Archaea, fungi and microalgae. We have built it with the help of our international network of academic and industrial partners across the world. 

Many of them live under extreme conditions at boiling temperatures or higher in hot springs or abyssal hydrothermal vents. Others live under extremely acid or alkaline conditions, or at very low temperatures.

 They provide extremely  robust backbones for highly demanding innovative industrial biotechnology application.

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Molecular Directed Evolution for Enzyme & Strain Engineering

Our proprietary directed evolution platform enables to prepare thousands of new enzyme variants within hours.

It includes both  randomized gene shuffling (L-Shuffling™) and algorithm-based approaches (EvoSight™).

It results in new proprietary enzymes exhibiting (i) totally new functions never encountered in nature, or (ii) dramatically enhanced performances, such as specific activity and stability under demanding industrial conditions.

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Strains and Enzyme Screening

For accelerating enzyme and strain discovery and optimization, we built a robotic platform for functional protein expression and screening.

 We use prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems as well as  proprietary Phenomics™ cell-free expression for cytotoxic proteins. Proprietary CLIPS-O™ substrates suited for HTS have been developed in collaboration with the University of Bern, Switzerland

 A toolbox of cloned "ready-to-be-screen" enzymes is also available for accelerated
screening programs

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