• Trained, Skilled & Focused People

    Cleantech, Biocatalysis
    & Industrial Biotechnology

  • Enhance Your Competitive Advantage

    Cleantech, Biocatalysis
    & Industrial Biotechnology

  • Innovate with Enzymes, Microbial Strains & Biocatalysis

    Cleantech, Biocatalysis
    & Industrial Biotechnology

For more than 15 years,
we provide competitive innovation to the
industry by developping bio-based industrial
solutions in order to :
• Enhance Productivity And Profitability
• Generate IP Rights And Reinforce Barriers-to-entry
• Turn Increasing Regulatory Burden Into New Business
• Access To Alternative Feedstock
• Promote Renewables
• Reduce The Environmental Footprint Of Your Business

to Reaching a Goal

We focus on the successful outcome of R&D and industrial partnerships with the goal to take industrial biotechnology to the next level.

For more than 15 years, we have been developing bio-based industrial products and processes for a wide variety of industrial sectors.
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Through Innovation

We focus on deals that provide the best marketing avenues to our innovation.

Our business model offers unprecedented opportunities for reducing innovation risks, strengthening IP portfolio and creating long-term competitive advantage.
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Putting Projects on a Fast-Track to Success

Our multidisciplinary team operates a comprehensive integrated platform for streamlined projects from R&D to industrialization.

It  includes natural biodiversity, molecular engineering technologies and industrial scale up expertise and capabilities.
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