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A Place to Think Out of the Box

We understand that, as a smart business or R&D executive, you want to make your due diligence before entering in business with Protéus.

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Protéus to make an informed decision.


We'd love to be challenged and explore how we can help.

Industrial Spirit

We are an industrial business, just like you.  We understand what is at stake. We can anticipate the development milestones your product will have to go through.

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Track Record

We’ve been developing enzymes and bio-based processes since 1998.

If there is somewhere an option for meeting your needs, we’ll not miss it.

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We’ve worked with different sectors with product value ranging from €800 per kg down to less than €10 per metric ton.

We know how to fit with the specifics of your business.

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Style of Business

It is one of our most important rewards to have customers fully satisfied by a style of business relationship which combines passion and pragmatism.

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No “NIH” Syndrome

We promote open minded values.

 We’ll choose the fastest and most secure pathways to meet the expectations for products and processes, wherever it may come from.

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We Have Time
for You

We take the time to really learn about all aspects of your business, your challenges, your goals and the real reason you’re doing it all.

What we want is develop the best solution to get you there.

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We are Part of
a Chemical Group

We are one of the very few biotech players with actual industrial know how and capabilities.

We develop solutions combining biotechnology with other industrially relevant approaches.

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We Keep Our

Unexpected delay may cause lots of havoc to your organization. Projects include pre-defined milestones meeting upon completion of each step

If extra-time is expected to be required , you’ll know it and you’ll know why.

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If You Don’t Make
Money, We Don’t
Make Money

If you’ve entrusted us, it is either to make you money or to save you money. The more money you make, the more money we are likely to make and the longer our relationship will continue

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We Love Success

Don’t you ?

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