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Bridging The Valley of Death

Many innovative products would never reach consumers without a bridge over the Death Valley between research and industrial production. At Proteus, this bridge is supported by three pillars :

  • research and technological facilities,
  • pilot production lines, and
  • globally competitive manufacturing facilities.

“We use optimization strategies empowered by state-of-the-art models for Design of Experiments (DoE). Recent DoE work at Protéus labs in Nîmes led to a more than 4-fold  increase in yield of an enzymatic clean process for manufacturing a major ingredient for flavors and fragrances“

DoE for Process Optimization

Robust processes for application under complex conditions require accurate and careful optimization.

High viscosity, foam, low solubility of substrate(s) and/or product(s), phase separation or emulsion formation are some of the typical challenges we should cope with.

Hence, we developed a strong know how in Design Of Experiment (DOE) to design robust clean processes, a prerequisite for a proper “Quality-by-Design” approach.

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Enzyme Production & Formulation

We prepare industrial strains and clean bioprocesses for seamless scaling up to cubic meter-scale and more.

We use a variety of expression systems (including E. coli, Pseudomonas, Bacillus and Yarrowia lipolytica) and industrializable downstream processing.

Enzyme immobilization is a key activity of our workshop. New methods for stabilizing enzymatic activities in extremely hostile environments such as active muds have been developed.

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Piloting & Scale Up
To Commercial Scale

When it comes about bringing your process to ton scale, integration of Protéus within PCAS, a leading player in fine and specialty chemicals, makes the difference.

 PCAS operates four cGMP sites audited by the US FDA, the French AFSSAPS and other regulatory bodies and three ISO 9001 sites.

For cost optimization, multi-step processes can be split between ISO 9001 and cGMP sites .

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