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    Enzymes & Strains for Waste Treatment, Detoxification
    Or Decontamination

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    Biocatalysis For Improved Atom Economy

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    Strains and Enzymes Cocktails
    For Processing Biomass

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Our Track Record

For more than 15 years, we deliver competitive advantages across a wide range of industry.

Although most of our achievements are kept confidential, we selected samples we are entitled to share with you. Scroll down and click to know more.


Optimized genes for improved agronomic traits

Biobased Crop Protection

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Flavors & Fragrances

Green routes to flavors and fragrances 

Manufacturing cosmetic ingredients from renewables
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Improved atom economy in manufacturing APIs and intermediates.

Ready-to-screen enzymatic toolbox available for rapid PoC
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Detoxification of highly toxic chemicals, e.g. CB warfare agents

Specific growth control of bacterial populations in WWTP
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New enzymatic
cocktails for
- lignocellulosic biomass
- enhanced biogas production from waste.
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AgBio Innovation
  • Optimized Genes for High Performance Crops
  • Biobased Pesticides & Fertilizers
from Renewables
Intermediates and APIs manufacturing
using scaleable routes with
improved atom economy and process productivity
Enzymes & Strains for Waste Treatment,
Detoxification Or Decontamination.

Strains and Enzymes Cocktails for Processing Biomass
Bio-based Crop Protection
We designed enzymatic cocktails with strong fungicide activity. Such cocktails kill and prevent the growth of a wide panel of species in order to minimize yield loss and keep crops free from harmful fungi and their toxins.
New Genes for New Traits
New genes for use in next-generation GM crops were delivered to a leading player in the agribusiness, to develop new energy crops for competitive biofuel production. Both biodiversity screening and directed evolution methods were used
"Green Notes"
Proteus delivered a new high-performing variant of a key-enzyme which has enabled the industrial biomanufacturing of a class of flavors & fragrances ingredients. These ingredients belong to a group of chemicals generally referred to as “green notes” offering pleasant green, grassy, fatty and fruity odors.

For more details, see Fredi Brühlmann et al. in Journal of Biotechnology 163 (2013) 339– 345
(DOI :

Chiral Building Blocks
  • We designed innovative routes to a wide range of enantiopure beta-chiral compounds. Call us to receive more information
  • New options for cost-effective access to controlled chirality of advanced intermediates were developed.
Enzymatic Toolbox

A wide library of ready-to-screen enzymes for rapid screening and proof-of-concept on your target reaction has been set up and is constantly expanding.

Anti-Foaming Enzymes
For a world leader in the environment services we designed enzymes for preventing and/or controlling biological foaming in wastewater treatment plants. The enzymes specificaly catalyze the lysis of filamentous bacteria responsible for foaming.
Detoxifying Enzymes
We discovered enzymes that efficiently catalyze the removal of chlorine from toxic compounds that are dichlorinated on terminal positions. The enzymes are active under pH and temperature which are compatible with their use as formulated surface cleaning agent.
Enhanced Saccharification
An engineered strain of Trichoderma reesei prepared by Protéus in collaboration with French IFPEN allows for a 4-fold reduction in the amount of enzyme required for complete hydrolysis of wheat straw.

Ref.: Ayrinhac, C. et al. Org. Process Res. Dev. (2011) 15 (1), pp 275–278 (DOI: 10.1021/op100218a). Fourage et al., Oil Gas Sci. Technol. (2013) 68, 4, pp 681-691 (DOI:10.2516/ogst/2012098).
Bio-Hydrogen Production
Yield of hydrogen production by fermentation of wheat straw was doubled by the addition an enzyme cocktail provided by Proteus, whatever the fermentation method (1 or 2 steps) and the type of residues (sterile or non-sterile).

Ref.: Quémeneur, M. et al. Int. J. Hydrogen Energ. (2012) 37,14:10639–10647 (DOI:10.2516/ogst/2012098)
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